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Important dates: (always check https://unterricht.rj.ost.ch)

Blockchain (BlCh)

The lectures will be pre-recorded. The lecture videos will up uploaded during the week, before the lecture on Wednesday at 08:10. The length of the videos will be ~ 80 - 100 minutes (2 x 45 min. lectures) divided into segments. The news segment (~10 min) will cover news around the topics blockchain and distributed systems and are not part of the exam. It should serve as on overview of current topics in this field.

0121.09.2022Admin, Challenge Task, Repetition DSy (part 1) - no exercises
0228.09.2022Repetition DSy (part 3), Token (ERC20) and NFT (ERC721) crash course
0305.10.2022Repetition DSy (part 2), Ethereum and Solidity
0412.10.2022ERC20, NFT Details
0519.10.2022Solana, P2P and DHTs (only remote exercises)
0626.10.2022DeFi Introduction
0702.11.2022DeFi DEX
0809.11.2022Algorithms for Distributed Systems 1, DeFi NFT Markets
0916.11.2022HTLCs, Cross-chain Atomic Swaps, and Algorithms for Distributed Systems 2
1023.11.2022WebRTC, Layer 2 Solutions
1130.11.2022Security Considerations, Layer 2 Use Cases, NFT Markets, and Smart Contract Testing
1207.12.2022Exam preparation, Guest lectures
1314.12.2022Challenge Task Presentations (6 groups)
1421.12.2022Q&A and Challenge Task Award Winner Announcement

(those are preliminary topics, may be subject to change)

Online/Offline Lectures & Exercises

Due to student requests, the Blockchain (BlCh) lecture will pre-recorded. I will be present in the lecture room 1.267 from 08:10 - 11:50. If you have not watched the lectures, you can watch it in the lecture (08:10 - 09:50). During exercises (10:10 - 11:50), you can work on your blockchain project (challenge task). You do not need to be present on Wednesday, but it is highly recommended to discuss your issues and problems with the challenge task with the lecturer from 08:10 to 11:50. From 10:10 - 11:50, you can also join the exercises remotely via MS Teams.

The online lectures and PDFs can be accessed from outside the OST network (also on Youtube), the exercise and admin material only with VPN.


Lecture 1

Admin News
Repetition DSy part1

The admin part gives an overview over this lecture and presents the challenge task for this course (Slides: BlCh-HS22-01-Admin.pdf). The second video (news) discusses the merge on the Ethereum chain and the fall of CryptoKitties (Slides: BlCh-HS22-01-news.pdf). The third video starts with the repetition of Distributed Systems (DSy) (Slides: BlCh-HS22-01-repetition-part1.pdf). [86min]

Lecture 2

Admin News
Repetition DSy part3 ERC20 and NFT crash course

The admin part is about the topics and why part 3 is before part 2 of the repetition (Slides: BlCh-HS22-02-Admin.pdf). The second video (news) mention what is happening with Do Kwon's Terra/Luna, points out that there are ways around Internet censorship for unfiltered political information, discusses slow Internet sites, talks about WebRTC architectures, and gives an update on the GitHub Tornado Cash ban (Slides: BlCh-HS22-02-news.pdf). The third video focuses on the blockchain part of the Distributed Systems (DSy) repetition (Slides: BlCh-HS22-02-repetition-part3.pdf), and continues with the fourth video on tokens, fungible and non-fungible tokens crash course (Slides: BlCh-HS22-02-ETH.pdf). [124min]

Lecture 3

Repetition DSy part2

The admin part is ... The second video (news) ... The third video finishes the repetition of Distributed Systems (DSy) (Slides: BlCh-HS22-03-repetition-part2.pdf). [XYmin]

Challenge Task HS 2022

This semester's challenge task (CT) is the design and implementation of an onchain voting application. Ideally, the application is a decentralized application (DApp).


All requirements below must be met in order to pass this lecture.

  1. A working prototype for your use-case
  2. Use latest stable releases of chosen libraries and frameworks
  3. Submission of a voting proposal, with previously known consequences and recipients (can be testnet)
  4. Onchain voting on proposal with at least 2 participants / identities (can be testnet)
  5. Successful vote needs to trigger something onchain. Can be an ERC20 or an NFT transfer (can be testnet)
  6. Voting status and process need to be shown in the frontend

Deliverables: 01.11.2022, 23:59 (CET) first hand-in of your initial version of your challenge task (initial version, does not need to run). Second hand-in: 13.12.2022, 23:59 (CET) - well documented infrastructure (Readme.md or can be slides) and the source code (github/gitlab or similar) via invite or email to thomas.bocek-at-ost.ch. The code and configuration should be easy to read and/or well documented. For the presentation on the 14.12.2022, you should show the architecture, components, and design decisions in 10-15 min, a demo in 5-10 min, and the Q&A will be 5-10 min. After your presentation, you need to hand in your PDF presentation.

You are allowed to use any language, framework, and platforms. However, the supervisors are familiar with those: Java, Golang, JavaScript/TypeScript, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Linux.


There will be groups of 2-3 for the challenge task. During the challenge task, the group shall meet every week during exercise hours to work on the task and discuss the next steps. The groups shall utilize their homework times to work on the CT, besides the exercise time slots assigned on Wednesday. You do not have be present at the exercises. The groups shall determine and set-up an internal project plan and shall distribute the workload so that each group member gets a fair load of work. Group results will be only accessible via VPN.

NrName 1Name 2Name 3ProjectMilestone 1SourceSlidesVideo
01Tsigereda N.Amanda W.-
02Christoph S.Lukas S.Alexandre L.
03Adrian L.Jason B.-
04Dominik C.Jeremy S.-
05Thomas K.Benjamin K.Benjamin P.
06Caspar M.Simon K.Leonie D.