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Welcome to the Distributed Systems and Ledgers Lab


The Distributed Systems and Ledgers Lab is located at the OST Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland.

We focus on applied research with the newest technology, innovative design and strong engineering in all aspects of distributed systems, including blockchains. We recognize the importance of open communication between industry, institutions, start-ups, and students.

The DSL lab is striving to expand the frontier of innovation in this field by fostering productive discussion and collaboration, supplemented with ground-breaking applied scientific progress.

The DSL Lab works on several open source projects, notably, Bazo, TomP2P, and ICOnator.

  • Bazo is a permissionless blockchain to test and evaluate mechanisms such as proof-of-stake or sharding. Bazo is a research blockchain with the main goal of testing new algorithms and mechanisms.
  • TomP2P is a peer-to-peer library that implements a DHT and offers other features as well. The latest version is fully encrypted and can traverse NATs and firewalls.
  • ICOnator is an easy, secure, configurable, and scalable open source ICO engine. It is a Spring Boot application that uses message queues for scalability.


Challenge Task FS 2022 Winner

(10.06.2022) The challenge task winners of the Distributed Systems lecture Task FS22 are: Caspar Martens, Simon Kindhauser, Lara Gubler. They implemented Amy Gdala, a web application to memorize information by talking about your day (writing a diary) and to search for all your stored information with natural language queries. Their techstack included GPT-3, Kibana/Elastic Search, Coqui-STT/TTS, Python for micro-services, Kubernetes, and Istio for gRPC load balancing.

Challenge Task HS 2021 Winner

(14.12.2021) The winners of the Blockchain Challenge Task HS21 are: Reto Ehrensperger and Christian Rutzer. Reto and Christian implemented QuoteNFT, a platform to trade NFT quotes. The trading happens on a smart contract and is fully decentralized. Their project uses Vue.js for the frontend, node and express with TypeScript for the backend, and MetaMask to connect to Ethereum. Their QuoteNFT platform uses Traefik as a reverse proxy and docker-compose to orchestrate the services.


(07.10.2021) There are currently two interesting hackathons that will start soon: Open Data Hack St.Gallen, which is co-organized with OST, starting on the 5. Nov. 2021; and #SBHACK21, the largest Swiss Blockchain hackathon in Zurich, Geneva and Lugano, starting on the 29 Oct. 2021.

Services and Partners

Working together with institutions, companies, and start-ups, we provide the following services. For further information, please contact me!

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